Hail Cesar

Hail Cesar

Hail Cesar

Hail Cesar is an autobiographic comic written in Spanish where Torner, the author, presents real, magical and dreamful situations about a gourmet-post grunge-gamer-
drawer in company of his friends, family and others.

A space where the author gets rid of all the stress, frustration and joy coming
from daily, social and working routines. A lot of what is said here could be
true, lie or fantasy; but at the end you have the last word.

Join Torner on each of his situations and don’t resist the craving of getting the
munchies after reading it, or on the other side you might as well just add some

We hope you enjoy this tornado of non-sense!

Hail Cesar was created by Cesar Torner: designer, illustrator and founder of
Lithium Comic Studio, working for national and international brand labels
such as Grupo Reforma, TimeBee, Avantel, Pepsico, ITESM, etc. Also
participating as colorist for Marvel Comics, Sports Illustrated and national

He actually lives in the city of Monterrey, N.L. Mx

Download it in Spanish for your iPhone/iPod/iPad here.